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Dangerous boys,
they're making dangerous noise,
with a pop, pop gun,
bang bang, break the institution.

Dangerous girls,
in a dangerous world,
with a pop, pop gun,
bang bang, break the institution.

A reason to speak,
another reason to weep,
another day on your back,
bang bang, it's your body.

Don't pretend,
you've got no rights to defend,
you've got to stand your ground,
bang bang, no more victims.

I don't care for the games you play,
it's not my fault I'm built this way,
I just want to be,
who I am.

Hate the hate,
don't have to hide your face,
we've got to cry out loud,
I won't be your victim.

Learn to see,
the venom in bigotry,
and don't you bite your tongue,
under the surface, we're all human.

Black or white,
boy or girl,
Israelian or Palestinian,
don't be a social carcinogen.

We all feel pain,
from the things people say,
with their sharp, forked tongues,
don't you blame the victim.

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Post​-​Industrial Revolution

Patient Zero texty

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