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I've tasted sweetness,
a bitter delight,
licked my fingers,
to clean away my vice.

Drink chilled champagne,
from a stapled glass,
and banged my head against the sidewalk.

Got a head wound,
one way to greet reality,
got a bad mood,
and I'm afraid it's clear to see.

Has life been good to you?
If you were me you might,
say it was cruel.

It broke it,
it made me,
the man,
I had to be.


Tell me the truth,
do you lie?
Tell me a lie,
am I bleeding?

Tell me you think you understand me,
welcome to my reality.

Drug me, shut me up inside my cell,
welcome to my reality.

Tell me what you think is wrong with me,
welcome to my reality.

Drug me, give me my own personal hell,
welcome to my reality.

I've seen a cage without any walls,
I've seen the sun shining bright in the night.
I've heard the screams from the ghosts of the dead,
but the living scare me the most of all.

I've hurt myself as much as anyone else,
dragged a knife across my skin,
punched a wall, felt it break,
another finger, I don't need it.

I've been torn up, burnt alive,
in all the dreams that I remember.

It's not easy being sane when everybody thinks you're crazy.

body crawling, brain in chaos,
everybody, you're all poison.

I'm the monster, in the whisper,
someone save me, someone kill me.

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Post​-​Industrial Revolution

Patient Zero texty

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