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Break me, rebuild my soul,
this body has got to go,
replace all of my fractured bones,
I want to live I want to know.

Where was god when I was born?
The day that I was torn,
from the womb in a sterile room,
unbaptized and looking at you.

I've heard you heathens shout,
to throw the science out,
what to do when the world breaks you?
Give up the lie and we'll fix you too.

Upgrade me deeper,
biological creature,
upgrade me deeper,
my body's my machinery.

Analyze my discontent,
debug and I'll repent,
how can steel have a soul?
My spirit is electrical.

I found a cure for death,
an exploit in my breath,
I traded my immortal soul,
for body parts with cruise control.

With our new technology, we can live forever,
embrace the singularity, my personal endeavor.
I can be a god now, bathed in radiation,
wait for the apocalypse, and laugh in the face of the devil.

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Post​-​Industrial Revolution

Patient Zero texty

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