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Take all that I really am,
and see the shadow of the man,
tell me I can't be this way,
that it's the price I have to pay.

Well I refuse your siren song,
the angels hide, they're never gone,
they came to tell me what to be,
this torment is my destiny.

In the dark do you see ghosts?
I can feel the holy spirit.
chased by celestial hosts,
when they whisper, I can hear it.

suffer well for all my sins,
I refuse their final judgement.
damned by their testament,
these angels are my torment.

Cut me, I'll refuse to bleed,
follow, I'll refuse to lead.
I'll fight their righteous fury,
'til it finally consumes me.

I'm a rebel, I'm the devil,
refused to kill the angels.
Been cut off from the father,
cut me off at the wings.

Deus maladictus est.

Religiously a misanthrope,
culturally a cut throat,
I understand the reasons,
but reality can lie.

Heart says ready,
mind says go,
ride the psycho rodeo,
Saint Peter at the gates won't give me the time of day.

Who could carry a mind so heavy?
filled with brimstone to top.
I'm not ready, my hands aren't steady,
but dammit I'm coming if you're ready or not.

A little less volume if you please,
voices break me to my knees,
one day I'll find that sweet relief,
I dare to tread where angels leave.

I corrupt everything I touch,
turn your glory into misery,
and for this my punishment,
mock the madman as a visionary.

I'm so blind I see too much,
all this horror I can't touch,
every day they're drawing near,
these angels come to spread their fear.

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Post​-​Industrial Revolution

Patient Zero texty

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