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System Crash - text


I'll be a sinner,
I'll be a sinner baby,
I'll be a sinner,
(kick that)
system crash.

I'll be a sinner,
I'll be a sinner baby,
I'll be a sinner,
system crash.

system crash.
heart attack.

hail to god in a microchip,
eye on the iron on an officers hip.
we are the thieves, we are the saints,
the devils, the rebels and the kids in restraints.

curious as it seems to me,
eye on the prize of the American dream,
capitalist with a freedom twist,
the eternally young, dumb optimist.

sell your soul for self-control,
take your drugs, you're on parole,
two wide eyes both covered in glass,
got a mind of Marx but it's withering fast.

dollar bills giving paper cuts,
try the steal anything we've got,
blind our eyes so we don't see,
the politics that aren't on TV.

fall into a needle or a bottle of pills,
try to stop the hurt but can't pay the bills,
you treat the symptoms not the cause,
the rich won't pay to save the poor.

money isn't easy, no money's a lie,
we buy and we sell and we buy and we die,
and it sits in a bank, hidden away,
we pray for cash, but I'd rather say;

Text přidal LeturCZ

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