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Strange Kind of rebel - text

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You got me locked up in chains,
handcuffs and cigarettes.
I'll never quit, I don't know how to submit,
but I don't think I'll ever know you that way again.
See you and me, we're the same,
no gods no master, and noone to blame.
Except for me, you blame me,
I blame me too so I guess I'm the fool.
See I'm a strange kind of rebel,
keep your hands away, you don't know where I've been,
I'm your lover unthroned,
I scratch you where you like it, but I'm still sleeping alone.
So many things I'd like to say,
but you don't feel that way,
fine by me, damn it all,
but damn if I don't want your body,
shove you up against the wall.
Call me aggressive, call me obscene,
but you've always called me sir when you've invaded my dreams.
See these handcuffs and chains,
I'd like to turn the tables on you,
mix this ecstasy with pain.

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