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Looking out a broken window, I can see so clearly,
ideas fractured long ago, returning to me.
I wonder where you are now, are you lonely?
I'd like to throw my voice at you, and say my piece.

Born to a loser,
got a lifetimes worth of spite,
I won't bite my tongue,
I will say my piece tonight.

Thanks for the damage, dad, I appreciate it,
of all the problems I've had, I suffer them for you,
so I can say that I stand, where you kept falling,
to be a better man than you could ever be.

Thanks for the affliction,
it's always served me well,
I still feel your sickness,
your blood in my veins.

I'd burn you out if I could,
bleed you out of me,
I'd die to see you suffer,
you're my enemy.

I could be just like you,
it scares me half to death,
I'd cut the tongue from my mouth if,
your words were on my breath.

And pain is still too good for you,
but I guess it will do,
for all the things you've put me through,
no one will miss a loser like you.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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