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we the fallen, we the people,
we those lucky born.
we those given ill repute,
we're here to raise those horns.
criminals in cathode rays,
redundant wedding bells,
a pretty game I've never played,
sending you straight to hell.
evil, twisted, so sadistic, I know what you think of me,
I won't play the martyr for your empathy.
so forgive me little choirboy, but I won't apologize,
your god has made you weak, but I can sympathize.
get down on your knees, you might get lucky with your prayers,
your imaginary friend doesn't know and doesn't care.
the one creator made a flaw you see, 'cause he made me,
though some maybe call it rhetoric, you know it's blasphemy.
the air is poison consequently everybody you love is dead,
no time to mourn the loss,
maybe they're better off.
tell me that you love me,
swear allegiance to the king,
my empire of vice would give you everything.
all you always swore you'd never take,
I'll make you ache for this.

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