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Pull Your Circuit Breaker - text


Rolling around an empty town,
no man alive in the zombie crowd,
cocaine in a cocktail shaker,
I wanna pull your circuit breaker.

Up the punks as the petrol flies,
billboards carving up the skies,
no disgrace to hide your face,
media will only lie.

And it goes like this.

Baby why you got to hide,
I think we've been here before,
punks and nerds that you adore,
watch us tearing up the floor.

Maybe it's no revolution,
could be it's just more confusion,
waiting for the bombs to hit,
but I don't really give a shit.

Put the pedal to the metal,
give the power to the rebel,
when the 5-0 comes to kick in your door.

Would you fight back or would you relax?
Just a petty little pirate on the cell block floor.

Too much to handle, blow out the candle,
hide in the dark 'til it all goes away.
When the power comes back they're quick to attack,
can't shut this down it's built this way.

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