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look what they did to you,
it isn't fair, it isn't true,
am I getting through to you?
you're so fucking beautiful.
what was it like at school?
did they ever make you scream?
do their words still haunt your dreams?
wish that I could fix you.
and did the stories spread,
about the bugs that live in your head?
and did all of your peers laugh,
when you fell in the mud?
I'd like to pick you up,
dust you off give you some love,
sorry I don't give a fuck what anybody says.
you're still precious to me,
they just can't see you for what's inside.
you're perfect, just as you are,
don't give in to their peer pressure.
I'm sorry that the world is mean,
I'm sorry that it's so obscene,
don't stare into the TV screen,
the people there are lies.
I know it can be hard some days,
I wish there was an easy way,
a burden that we have to bare,
for being so alive.

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