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You make me feel so sick.
the way you talk to each other.
and I don't think I can handle it.
you're just a loser not a lover.

Hey little kid, I'll get in your face,
you don't want to make me mad,
just one slip and I'll put you in your place,
just one push and I'll make it bad.

You think it's hard, being alone?
imagine life watching others happy,
think you could stand if I trade you this life?
get your hands off my lady.

My heart won't beat, but it aches for her,
you don't get how much she's worth,
trade it in before it hurts,
you hurt her, I'll hurt you too.

I never claimed that I was nice,
never said I'd hold my tongue,
kiss her once I'll cut you twice,
you don't know where I came from.

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Curse And Regret

Patient Zero texty

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