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All we wanted,
give us a little relief,
from the lies on the TV screen.

This is nothing,
scream at the boot on your neck,
your little cell will fill with dreams.

Birth a revolution,
turn up the noise in your head,
the only one you can believe.

Perfect situation,
nothing to lose in the end,
when rebels dance and jackboots leave.

How can you see, there's nothing to me?
Just a black hole mind with a fantasy,
I hope you know we see it coming,
won't take your new disease.

Standing alone, and understanding,
zombie see and zombie do.
Don't you get it? we don't want it,
I'd hate to be like you.

A prisoner in your own world,
you're turning blue you're turning cold,
how can I believe that you're not dead?

I've got this implication,
you can change the situation,
little metal spiders in your head.

Dance little rats,
I'll play the piper tonight,
lead you through a field of dreams.

We'll strike the clock,
shake out the mice at the top,
find out who they pretend to be.

8 little legs, burrow in your head,
building little webs to trap your mind,
stealing all that makes you breathe,
stealing all that you want to be.
Take it back, signal back,
stab a fucker in the back,
take their walls and paint them black.

They don't want you, they want your head,
don't care if you're alive or dead,
man or woman, left or white,
don't give a shit for black and white.
The facts are wrong, and I don't care,
don't follow me, 'cause I'm not there,
I'm buried in my lab, making a new disease.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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