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Humanity Will Lie - text

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(dear friends)
I see you writhing there on the floor,
I feel those tendrils in your head,
your body wracked with dementia,
easy to surrender, emotionally dead.
tell me why I suffer to feel,
remind me what it means to be,
liar, a life without majesty,
no love as you lie in your bed.
behind those eyes,
I see you paralyzed,
frozen with fear,
your decay is drawing near.
let me help you die,
better to sacrifice,
to shed those ties,
humanity will lie.
(dear god)
some days you're all I can think of and,
sometimes I can't even breathe,
somehow, I've got to get through this,
I'm packing my bags but I can't seem to leave.
I was so happy in love before,
you broke me down to my knees,
I stand now rapture in pain,
my life is turmoil, I laugh as I bleed.
what did they tell you?
what did they say?
what was they lie that they gave you today.
get moving,
left, right,
get moving,

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