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Honor Among Thieves - text


chasing credits, hang the rules,
you're the king and it's time to rule.
mirror shades, hot CPU,
it's time to run through this deja-vu.

jack it in for a dial tone,
localhost, there's no place like home,
your handles got a cash reward,
there's blood on your circuit board.

you break all our rules,
don't doubt we'll find you,
two men enter, one man leaves,
we're the honor among the thieves.

black as pitch when the lights go out,
you nocturnal social louse,
spinning disk I'm in your drive,
imagine what I'll find inside.

no sneakernet will keep you safe,
we'll put you in your place,
it's a fact, not just a threat,
get your ass off my net.

Text přidal LeturCZ


Patient Zero texty

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