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Give Me More Pain - text


She's got a dirty mind,
but she don't care,
spreads her name, everywhere.

In the dark she knows she's the best,
drags her nails down your chest.

I don't mind, I'm not the first,
damn it lady, you're the worst.

Make me sweat, make me swear,
make me lose all sense of care.

Hit me harder, damn I love it,
take my body, slice and carve it.

You're my addiction,
you're my game,
you're my affliction,
give me more pain.

My little lady,
made of steel,
stainless in this world of rust.

My best friend,
always there,
fits so perfect in my right hand.

Surgical, nigh automatic,
beautiful scar tissue.

Feed the cuts,
join the dots,
all I need to feel again.

Try as I might,
can't seem to find,
any light,
in my cell.

I tried to change,
give up the pain,
know it's not the way,
I know well.

Cut through the skin,
I'm warm within,
my lady,
my delight.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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