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Devil in the Dark - text


I'm a devil in the dark, I'm a clarion call,
I'm a sweet sensation at the masquerade ball.
I'm a stranger in the dark, kissing down your neck,
I'm the biggest mistake that you'll never regret.

Turn those cheeks, kiss and tell,
drinking deep from a wishing well,
a fantasy of ecstasy,
inside you or inside me.

I understand desire and I understand your pride,
I understand society will teach us all to hide,
you say that I'm mistaken about what you feel inside,
but the devils in the detail and the truth is in your eyes.

bodies twitch, bodies bare,
fingers writhing god knows where,
don't be ashamed of your own delight,
no need to hide if it feels right.

say you want it, I do too,
what you do for me I'll do double for you,
tender touching games we play,
we're Sodom and Gomorrah on their final day.

I know what're you're after, I taste it on your lips,
I know you want this faster, I see you shake your hips,
I know what you're hiding, I see it in your eyes,
I know it's exciting, fingers running up your thighs.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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