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Down, down, deeper down,
fiddle while Rome is burning.
find someone you can hold,
give in to your urges.

Sharp tongue, never quits,
robots and spooky monsters,
inside my own head,
let's party, hit the deck.

Laser light is burning bright,
light your candles, it's all over.
A burnt out husk of destiny.
Destiny? Oh please.

I don't care if,
my words don't last forever.
I'll be dancing,
for now until it's over.

Oh damn, here it comes,
somebody dropped the bomb,
mushroom cloud, I'm in love,
clean the slate for everyone.

No remorse, no regrets,
no credit cards, or their debts now,
nobody left to save you from,
being burned like everyone.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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