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Blank is Beautiful - text

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throw your life away,
time to start again,
got to let it go,
blank is beautiful.
names are words and words mean things,
we trade them with a diamond ring,
but all these vows don't mean a thing,
just call me mister blank.
put your name down on the list,
that we pretend does not exist,
hide your money in the bank,
my signature is blank.
nobody knows you, nobody cares,
nobody sees you, nobody's there.
nobody cries on the day that you die,
'cause nobody knows you're alive.
no yesterday, no bills to pay,
no cash, no car, no debt today.
no criminal record or APB,
they're looking for someone,
but that's not me.
Invisible, that's how I hide,
no seatbelt on this thrill ride,
no safety net, no each-way bet,
off button installed on the TV set.
When it all goes wrong,
and ends in despair,
I won't care 'cause I'm not there.
bury me with a blank headstone,
'cause blank is beautiful.

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