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all I needed was somebody who could understand me,
all you gave me was a lie about your own tragedy.
Deception came, with a veil but with no wedding day,
took my best and left the rest and then you threw me away.

another day, another night, sitting in candle light,
fingers crossed when all is lost that I can still win the fight.
took my heart, you took my mind but you still can't touch my pride,
I'm still standing single-handed, on the blade of a knife.

Alive or dead, my brain is fed,
occultists words are in my head,
for all you broke and all you cracked,
the mind I had is coming back.

Standing tall after the fall,
the boat that sank and took on water,
Alice through the looking glass,
I'm at peace with my disorder.

Text přidal LeturCZ

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