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Metaphysical in remorse I'm,
empty deep down inside.
A Nihilist, I refuse to frown so,
bury me underground.

Afraid to die or afraid to live,
are you afraid of all the things you don't know?
A wave of paranoia, you dream of your death,
ashes in the wind, let it go.

Not gonna live forever and ever,
my days are numbered as much as I wish,
I've got no time to waste over Heaven.
I'll let it go, ashes in the wind.

Hands are turning and we keep spending,
all the cash you don't have.
When you're dead, who collects your debts then?
Body snatchers be damned.

If god perceives me then may he forgive me,
but I don't see him around.
The church is empty, the nightclub has plenty of sweat hitting the ground.

Text přidal LeturCZ

Post​-​Industrial Revolution

Patient Zero texty

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