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When my heart beats, it beats for thee,
fallen angel, with plastic wings.
you're some kind of miracle to look at me,
behind those peaceful eyes.

You held my mind still,
so I could live again,
I still love you with all my heart.

Though I can't tell you,
I feel in debt today,
for a price I'd gladly pay.

Passing names and faces, but you remain,
you're my anesthetic, you relieve my pain.
Whether my lover or my friend,
I'll always be here for you.

Give me another day, another chance to love.
Give me another heart, another heart to beat.
Give me back, all the days that I've forgotten,
I want to remember her kiss.

Walk in the rain, to clear my head,
I'm not ashamed of the life that I've lived so far,
but without my greatest friend,
I wouldn't be here to tell my tale to you.

Oh, the things she means to me.

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Post​-​Industrial Revolution

Patient Zero texty

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