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Oh graceful fly away
As far as you can away from this place
It's not longer safe

They're always watching
Never sleeping
You'll never sleep again

I'll never sleep again
Not as long as I bear this curse
These secrets will destroy me

The structure has collapsed
But I remain intact

I'm no longer the shell of a man
That I used to be
I'll demolish every bridge they put at my feet

Let the flood commence
Let it cleanse my fucking soul
And send my mind out to sea

Let the ocean
Let the ocean overtake me
I feel the water
I feel the water drowning my lungs

im so sick of all the hate thats in the world today
thats in the world today

My dear you wouldn't last a minute in these shoes
I'll take a photograph and keep it as my fucking proof
You're porcelain skin will slowly rot away and you will see a
horrible creature that has always been lying beneath

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