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I'm little drop of water on your skin.
I'm the earth,
The cold winter night.
I'm the moon and sadness pierces of my heart.
I'm submissive darkness of the north.

I'm lukewarm wind that blows about your hair.
I'm the fire,
The hot in summer day.
I'm the sun and got gladness on my mouth.
I'm so strong daylight of the south.

Like the black with the white.
Like the peace and the war.
Like the water and the fire.
We interact within a greater whole.

We keep the secret of immortals,
We still keep the flame of space and time.
All this is for the force that mortals called an equilibrium.

We can't exist in the multiverse without each other.
Just as death can't without life.
Harmony and unity in the space-time equilibrium.

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