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Now behold the storm is brewing
Leaving lands gone rack and ruin
Above, below all ropes unhinged
While you shall never reach the serpent gate
You try to find
You stumble blind
So far behind
The Path of Stars
Lo! The ocean wide as black waves collide
A genocide of proud upheaval
What has risen once now exalts to dance
Infatuating in the masque of evil
Though deeply scarred, we travelled far
Blessed by grace and wrath
For the blindness
And the kindness
Of those who sharpened knifes behind our backs
Better watch yourselves!
Words and wind within our sails
To new crusades in larger scales
The course is set, the cause is black
Take what you get, give nothing back
(Come on!)
Dead inside, seeking lustres
Of divine morning stars
And poisoned fruit, alabaster?
My quill to thrill the zombified
But still we stand
Rich of contraband
In our hearts and hand
We grasped it though
We´ve been licking shit
To meet with gold amidst
Slit the holy wrists
As prey to bleed this sacrifice?
My poetry is suicide
The key and seal of serpent gates
Entwining with the songs we sang
Of winter, mist and darkness
Though deeply scarred, we´ll travel far
Lest we steer our barque
To the brightness? of a haven and a home
Or the likeness and the crushing foam of cliffs and riffs?
I´ve seen the daze go by
I have scribed white lies
In the gloom of the tomb
Of the world´s lost saviour
But still we stand
Rich of contraband
In our hearts and hand
We grasped it
Enthralled by fierce hysteria
We´re rushing fast
As long as sight and stanzas shine
From proud iconoclast

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