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Sentenced to dwell and born to fight
This battle seems lost since it has started
Equal to the end and always the same
The opposites are dancing and copulate in blood
Leaving Death and this - leaving me in this shit
Red stream of love bleeding through the entrails
Of our existance, corroded in salty tears
And so we are faith-slaved children
Ready to be enslaved and prepaired to destroy.....

This seed that has been planted
Was given the name hope
Yet it is to be harvested
Let us live without a god

Never we shall be of man´s fucking kind
The aggressive inside soon torn inside out
All your prayers are required when you finally face it
And then nightmare begins...

Soil of shit and piss - we´re in Hell
In a world of scum we are sentenced to dwell
Psychic irritation - the mind is brainwashed blind
Epidemic functionality - the machine works rewind
A virus in the social body infects even the head
Life in rotten graves a survival for the Dead

Yeah, meaningless survival
I´m sleeping with a knife
Disgorging out my innerself
the seed and spawn of life
They all are in my eyes thus hate extends my mind
I hate this world of croaching scum - a pestilencial kind
Smothered within lies I am - I have died to those
But I´m reborn as the butcher´s cleaver to punish ye all man

The happening of birth was shadowed by years full of decay
All things will restart and we´ll always obey
In midst a disappointing life full of pain and tears
Where wept the worthless ones who cannot hide their fears

Corporations - lying nations, dying, the cancer deep within
Eats its way, prepared to slay its host: the feeble man
All infected but not dead yet still long time to suffer
Chaos spreading, all is fading - start (to) hate and kill each other

And worms and maggots
Hide away
Not knowing what
There´s left to eat

This seed that has been planted
Was given the name hope
Yet it is to be harvested

Let us live without a god

Text přidala GodKill

Demonheart - An Anathema to This World (Demo)

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