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Promises in Stone and Fire - text


Oh, how cold have been the nights
When I, hushed at your side,
(Inside a Hell in white)
Would fail to keep a single flame alive?
And fragile were my words
A promise without worth
Carved into stone and earth
Above a silken shadow print of hope?

And future vows?

Never had I seen the Gods hide at duskfall
Never had I felt such solitude
Nor grace coalesce with a devilish nemesis
As the moon waned in horror of the funerals to come
Of one that had begun undone
But shone a score more than the sun

Artemis, oh Artemis
How could your eye not foresee this?
Save me a prayer, save a kiss
Before you leave to black horizons
Artemis, oh Artemis
Though like a sigh in storms aspired
For Death and sweeter reveries
I scream my promises in stone and fire

New moon was tolled and she was told
To shadow her cruel hunting
And their affair ´neath divine stares
Was but the stairs that led to war!

See the blood spoil over a sickle
As she faints so broke and dizzy

I deemed you immortal
To order cosmic plans
From birth to Death those waters
Crashed in glass moments
Leto, has she helped you?
Hear the comets cry
And fall as fiery mortar
To prison those who died

Burn!, burn my agonies
Incense my feeble pleas
Of grace and lunar daze
As thunders roar and mountains fall for thee?
Though planets lost their way
Of War, Lust and disgrace
To just befoul hearts mazed by graves
I shall brave torments ?

Never had I seen the Gods fear the sun rise
Never did I greet it as a long lost friend
As when embedded, spearheaded my emerald passed
Heading new directions to eternity skies

It was the ill-will of this dying world
That stole you from my arms
But this I swear: I shall be there
Each night to guide your starlight dance

A stillborn silhouette that twinkles from the frost that crept
That eve
Sealing sublime constellations

Thou art now immortal
Thou art now immortal

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