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Still warm and slowly flowing light red blood escapes thy throat
Now colouring thy naked body, scarlet dressed, horny whore...
Compromises ended with this one lethal deed,
To thee, my sleeping beauty, I now kneel to spread my sticky seed,
My fatal grasp, like what thou dared, a challenge to reason
How grantfully I begged for this chance to let it fail control
As this night approached in a season of light
And shadows engulfed a duskeaten sun
The fires of passion, with whom thou bind me
Choke, while that wasted life lays dying
Twilight inside staring through rigid eyes,
Which ghastly look at thee lying caged below me
Our bodies, entwined, move waving besides,
That instinct, abhored, raising fate, thine.....
The colour of love feeding from thy gashes
Thy blood creates some morbid visions inside
Thy blood be the only water
To refresh those withered rose´s colour
I want to hear thy screams
To suffocate my agonies
I slowly take thee with me through images which thou created
My inner wasteland coloured by each lifedrop thou spend me
Thy last glance fixed by glaring eyes
Dreadful thoughts haunting thy starving mind
A fallen angel unmasked to thee, yet not of god´s creation
Beneath thy bloody skin ye know it´s thine, breaking thee tonight
Whatever word has passed thine lips
Of truth´t may´ve been born,
Malice seemed to incarnate.
Silence now devoured thine tongue
And now flicker escapes thine eyes
Scared I stare at thee, alone...
This picture thy blood painteth ´pon thy body
Evoketh memories of delight
Yet love was not eternal
When the fires of passion were still alive
And thy beauty tenderly caresséd me
Before nightfall came to hear my cries
And thy blood was spilled to incarnadine
My heart again
A crimson idol, portrait of a vanished beauty
Now lying frozen but still maliciously smiling to me.
Dry now seemeth my painting
It´s impressions are far too strong
And I hear my own thought´s melody performed by thy angelic voice
Forgotten wishes should be fulfilled by this day
When I ushered Death to take thy life
Revenge be thine, the bequest of solitude
And me caught within my own corpse by thy curse
Behold my lifeless face
Every mirror shows thy disgrace
Hear the tone thou art speaking
Is my will that is leeding thee now!
Forth she lives within me
As I still pray for grace
What we demand should not end here
But in unity be complete soon.
Now our lives have ended
While one new has begun
Like a morning born without the sun
We both united in one ardent corpse
Closer than love
As one in search to gain new pain of weak loving souls
Our laughter is drowning the cries
Of sweet pleasure slaves!
In harmony again
We both feed from their gashes
In seductive co-existence

Text přidala GodKill

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