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Intensive incompetence seems rooted deep within your mind
All this time that you have lost with following that living lie
All this shit forced to believe in all is wasted what they give in
Does your cogwheel- function run? But all is useless what you´ve done!
Wrenched and failed you are in vision and this will hit you to submission
So uncontrolled and strong my hate is, I´ll tear you down so come and take this

Consume to grow But you grow to consume

Intensive spread, inundated earth - only species without a worth
Everything they touch and hit always breaks and turns to shit
Leave this world and stop its dying: kill yourself instead of crying
Raked earth will perish if you don´t leave so just stop weeping and start fading

All there is means shit, it´s part of this
Of that fuck you and them commit
You maggot kind, create a world of blind,
You tell me what this life is for

God above a grinning whore
He does feed from pain and war
We only have to carry on
Until this world is dead and gone

Inbreeding the theories of hate
The surface is crumbling, the devils are dancing
Storms of fire, fierce and fast,
Heating atmosphere and air
For she´s not longer ours to have
This is revenge! Now start to learn
Watch phoenix rise to burn what shall be burned
Watch it fly above the damned and cool
A sun that´s no longer shining for you

I got the answers that you´re not searching for
I spit on everything you love and adore
And it´s a fact that I´ll be always behind you
I know you wanna run and hide but there is no way to hide away
Looking deep into the mirror of souls
You will see what your heart enfolds
You never change it or ever realize
Your bare existance means just Death and demise

...You got a mouth full of blood
...I got a bloody fist full of hate


Text přidala GodKill

Demonheart - An Anathema to This World (Demo)

Path Of Golconda texty

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