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Mic check a nigga blaze gun
Mic check a nigga have some fun
I been a hard ass nigga equipped in dis game(come on)
Muthafuckas playin me like I'm lame(come on!)
Been in this shit representin' my click(come on)
Dsgb ain't neva been fucked with(Yeah)
Me and my niggas in tha back of the club
(Yeah nigga, what's up)fuck 'cause
Bring me tha hard ass yak
Like dat
And muthafucka don't frisk me I got a gat
I'm in dis muthafucka I ain't playin with nobody
My nigga gotti
Got tha nickel plated lotti
We waitin on any muthafuckas to buck
Been in dis shit I ain't neva gave fuck
Betta ask qua(qua)
Represent tha a(a)
All fucken night(night), all fucken day(day)
Mack 10 spray in tha whole fucken club
Shoot in his car take dat nigga dubs
Ain't no love I loss tha love in 98
Fuck dem niggas get up my damn weight
Cause niggas a fake
Cause niggas a trip
Cause niggas a leave
Them niggas a dip
I met some mo niggas said them had my back
Sittin outside the club with they gats
Tellin me troy where dem pussy niggas at
I'm a put the whole parkin lot on they backs
Rat ta tat tat, bang bang bang
Two feet away, point blank range
Thank it's a game I'm hell to deal with
And then I'm a bury the shell ya punk bitch
[talkin: Pastor Troy - sayin punk bitch ova and ova in background till next verse]
Nigga my maiden name was cocaine
Brought tha new chevy thang, blew out tha brain
Pushin down marven lane bout high
Me and my nigga big mike bout fly
Headed to greenbriar mall, fuck y'all
In the new black ss, sittin tall
Everywhere I go, it's another fucken hoe
Askin me troy what's up can I blow
Everytime you walk by I smell dro
Me and my three homegirls we wanna go
I told tha bitch do I look like a stoe
Now excuse me while shut my doe
I can't stand when hoes try ta front
We can fuck half dem hoes fo some blunts
Have dem hoes rollin bees all night
Do you gotta roll tha weed you damn right
Naw baby ain't no seed dats dro
Yeah baby girl I know you don't now
Smokin dat bobby brown, stayin down
Shit cost $200 fo tha pound
Let me tell you somethin I'm a muthafucken king
And everywhere I go I got my muthafucken thing
Rat ta tat tat, ping ping ping
Dat mack 10 ring and clean tha whole scene

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