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You had something else you had to say
But it doesn't matter now
Because we always talk in circles
Always circling
Yeah they're talking 'bout our faces
And it shakes you 'til you cry
Now you're stuck inside the world
Getting tangled in the lights
And yes it's true, they don't know us
They don't know me, they don't know you
I'm sorry darling, how could I have turned this
Into such a, darling, difficult position for you
Sorry darling, how could you forgive me now?
Our life's whole story [?]
Don't you let go
Don't you let go
Don't you let go
Don't you let go
I made my case, you sat and crossed your arms
And you didn't make a sound
You were looking out the window at the city
Then you turned and said you loved me
And it took me by surprise
You were perching in your corner
And I couldn't see your eyes
Someone else could make this into something
Someone else could push you to the side
And that was then, back when you [?]
We've got nothing to hide, just give it some more time

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