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There was a time we'd sit in the backyard
'Cause the house would get so hot
From the summer sun, there was no way of sleepin'
And you'd play your old guitar
We'd fight mosquitos and enjoyed your backyard concerts
For we had no television
We'd just begun our life as man and wife and hardships then
Could scarcely scare us into quittin'
Things were far from bein' fine
We often dined upon a dime
But there never was a time we didn't love
That Christmas brought our saddest day
When your pride gave way as you told the kids
There'd be no gifts 'cause we were broke
Though their little tears of grief were so hard to see
It didn't hurt me like the lump I knew was in your throat
It was then with arms entwined we both broke down and cried
For it seemed like nothing good would ever come
The doctor bills we couldn't pay
They came and took our car away
But there never was a time we didn't love
Now there's an easy chair for my back
A satin pillow for your head
And the kids are wild about the brand new car
You and I can order steak with all the trimmings
And not worry if we spend a dollar more than we can spare
No wonder in our prayers we've thanked the man upstairs
Who led us through the years of rearin' kids and payin' bills
And I think He guided us not because we were smart
But just because there never was a time we didn't love
No there never was a time never was a time
Never was a time we didn't love

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