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Big wind, big wind's a' comin'

From daylight to dusk, we've been a workin' in the dust
Pickin' cotton, workin' side by side
Oh how I can't forget, I still remember yet
The way my daddy looked at me and cried


Big wind's a' comin'
Listen to the hummin'
Hurry up now, be quick, don't stall
You know we can't be slow
Take the kids and get below
If we don't hurry, it'll surely get us all

I ran across the field, so scared my lips were sealed
To warn my mom the storm was on its way
And I knew I'd won the race
When I'd see my mama's face
And the way she looked at me and said

Repeat Chorus

Oh but dad was in the cellar
By now the sky was yellow
The wind was blowin' trees were fallin'
And outside I heard him cryin'
And as he lay there dyin'
It seemed I could still hear him sayin'

Repeat Chorus

Big wind, big wind's a' comin'

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