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From the day I enlisted
To the day I checked out
Got somethin' deep inside me
That life just can't kick out
I got somethin' I believe in
A country that I love
I swear I will defend her
With the strength of God above
Over and over I do what I can
Shoulder to shoulder I'll stand
I'm a Military man
Yes, I am
I was standin' in the bar room
When trouble walked in the door
Mindin' my own business
But I'd seen their kind before
Well, the biggest one came over
Started chewin' on my ear
Talkin' down my country
Then he spat in my beer
I felt the power surge through this right hand
He and his devil's were damned
By a Military man
Don't mess with a Military man
Don't mess with a Military man
I ain't nothin' special
I am just a man
There's a line you can't cross
I drew it in the sand
If you stand against me
I will not back down
I will fight for freedom
I am duty bound
Duty bound
Duty bound
I'm a Military man
Yes, I am

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