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What Color is Blood? - text

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What color is blood? Still the same that it was?
Is it still good at what it does? (Bleeding)
Cause I've been needing a new vein line
Going from my guts to my heart to my mind
What's sharp as a knife, followed me all my life
Waits never rests, till it eats me alive?
Snarlin', darlin I don't fear nothing
Gushing, I can hear myself leak
I'm roaming outside of the signal
Where it slips in and out
Charges apply, but your heart beats louder
Beyond the dominion of doubt
Excuse me as I slip on out
How is agency built in a life unfulfilled?
Tanned slow and low in the amines of guilt
Hung, stretched, beaten and dried like skin
Smooth, new and shiny but so paper-thin
What tastes like betrayal, gazes naked and pale?
Sneaks into you like it got outta jail?
The blues creeping down you from your head to your tail
The kind that don't let you sing along
I'm listening to a different station
Frequent on a different band
Slightly harder to find but with tuning and time
You won't touch that dial again
Excuse me as I slip on out

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