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Pretty Machines - text


Ah, moonlight
It's hard to believe it
And it's harder to need it
But so easily wanted

Pretty machines
Expensive magazines
I've been tricked into buying quite a number of things
Yeah, bullshit and dreams
Urban ease, it means I always leave taunted
And you think you're a modern person
You think that you can ignore
Silent isolation, my emancipations
In the same place you get yours
Oh, whiskey sips are piling while my secrets escaped
In the skyline of hell there are no fire escapes

Punk songs, I thought that they were different
And I thought that they could end it
No, no it was a deception
Well, the number of tears
And the number of beers were dried out and accounted
For a number of years
But these days I fear that my window was just a reflection
Still, you think that you're not a servant
You think that you can avoid
The stylish institution, worshiping illusions
Things you thought you could destroy
Oh, crowded loud and crimson was my view from the pit
I was wild, I was weird, I was shackled to it

One time, it's so easy the fourth time
But this side of the shoreline, we've already recovered

Pretty machines
Expensive routines
Butted and obstructed quite a number of things
Believe me, it's harder to feel
These days it's harder to suffer
And you think you're a modern person
Think you can watch something change
And move on without you
Side by side with doubt you
Listen to the world exchange
Oh, conversation starters over various meets
In the skyline of hell where the tired retreat

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