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Living in proximity of a dollar trying to get ahead of the pack
But you never learned, you never got it did ya?
How to glide past people sleeping on the sidewalk
Dreaming about stepping over something to bite on
Feeling pretty weak and you need something to rely on
Something you can’t find in a store
NYC Observation, is it a swan song wildly ahead of itself?
But you never listened to the music did ya?
Talk so loud you don’t hear other people’s problems
Trying not to look, you’re not the person to solve them
“Waste it all on booze”, we all need something to revolve on
Something that you can’t afford
K2 sales are gaining and they ain’t gonna drop, no
Big Boy was the scene of the crime
Fenced unfinished condo beats a pissed soak curb
Yeah, it smells like burning plastic but it comes from a rock
Now shelter curfew is passed, looks like tonight you got locked out
Good a place as any to lay low and stay clocked out
Some things you just can’t ignore

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