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Berlin Got Blurry - text


Döner wrapper done right, an extinguished
Crotch of a rollie inside yellow fingers
Nothing lasts but nearly everything lingers in life

Cellphone service is not that expensive
But that takes commitment and you just don't have it
It feels so effortless to be a stranger
But feeling foreign is such a lonely habit

You can't crop yourself out of a picture
You're out of focus but still framed inside

Well Berlin got blurry
And my heart started hurting for you

Loud mouth living got you some attention
And second chances given without doubt
'Guess you've got a history but it's not worth a mention tonight

Kind ears captive to the beers you've purchased
Sipping through scenes of plastered confession
Telling pretty stories, is it your sole purpose?
Telling everybody that you learned your lesson

But no one's falling for that nice guy bullshit
They waited years, you can wait one night

Well Berlin got blurry
When my eyes started telling it to

Funny how it charms you, that Teutonic frankness
Listen and it arms you with a new type of patience
Maybe it alarms you because it tastes so familiar and wild

French fries, hot dog, ketchup, main ingredients
Swears in flawless English it's the best in town
Funny how a sameness can not be distinguished
Strangeness is relieving when you point it out

But email poems slogans an example
Of three things I can't unify

Well Berlin got blurry
As my thoughts all hurried to you

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