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Yonder Thy Primrose Path, My Shuddered Face - text

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Every night I open my poetic window-book
Retired upon subdued lime trees
Pondering over me and you to fail again
Untimely sympathy for shallow layers
It puzzles temptress, starry-eyed
Will o' the wisp, exiled jester-daffodil
I am an elegiac herdsman lost within a woodpecker's stanza
Day by day I try to sow
Nothingness calls my name
Mankind - too blind
Yonder thy primrose path
And my shuddered face yellows with age
O venus-train, goodbye
Wayward play of gradual shades
Arclets fret over dogmas
(I long for) lavender-rivers
Clad in lavender blue
"Diversity is a motive wheel of life
and knowledge doesn't forge ahead
While you curse your private mistakes.
Do you really want to die alone?"
Lullabies in scourging deserts
searching for a windswept dawn
Fettered hawks on barren fells
There are no hiding places
An opaque tangle of unbearable echoes
determines the soliloquies shining faintly
through dim corridors
No one can tell what I have felt...
What I will feel...where I might go...
For life has touched my promise path.
thy shuddered facelet

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