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(A fragmentary scenario about crimson-scents and
their manifold consequences for utopia’s flawless lily-oceans)
Still I linger, gloom-wings emerge
on pure marble nightyards
we are chasing the crimson one
Sorrow! My dearest wound
caress me with thine silverclad hair
Naked shadows, lucid hearse
Clearings eclipsed by a nondescript curse
Blind is the fool
whose dawn was just a narrow room
Ornamented fairy-birches
Sometimes cries my inner flame:
„Oh breathe these singing lines!“
Seraphine, thou far gone gleam
I vanquish thy numb claws of purple
Cold thorns are growing
all around thine wretched countenance
„May your senses sleep
when I touch you“
Who dared to kiss a jester’s hand
while he raped my drunken violin?
Blooming streams without water
The paradox of our hopeless search?...NO!
Roaming all alone through orchards in the dusk
Scarlet universe of lilymeadowgalaxies
Here I shall bleed, on the mirror writing-road
Only ardent knights unravel my mosaic
Hark...weaver of storms!
Hark...moonforged sanctity!
„Why can’t I stay with you, sole beam of light?
Myriad bewildered thoughts orbit my sentiments!“
...sentiments turn to stone...
Weinend ruht dein Marmorkleid
auf elfen-zartem Grunde
Lautlos tönt das Silbenmeer
aus deinem jungen Munde
Bliebe uns ein Windhauch Zeit
in auserwählter Runde
Kummerfalten blühten leer
und wir im Flammenbunde
Listen to our saddened chords
You’ve promised me to wait
This ode to my unfading sorrow:
A diary in minor-notes
Suicidal astral trips through
Spineless fairies sold their dreams
in clairvoyant trance

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Seraphine… Far Gone Gleam


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