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Snowfall Summerdream - text

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We are flames among the flameless
and we have wings to kiss the snow
We hold sway over the seasons
Yet we bear the moaning ones below
We are stars among the starless
and we weave rhymes with magic words
We bring fortune to the rainland
A dress of feathers made by dreams
Cosmic celebration - Heavenly vibration
Patterns of creation - Salvation
Remind of snowfall summerdreams
They used to speed through unexplored extremes
I kiss your rose
A souljuicelake
We die as one
Come forth daybreak
And if there were thousand oceans
to catch the wisdom of my soultears
they wouldn't bear their weight
...from funeral to funeral we dance
I worship all the hamonies
that own a lake to dream
Sometimes the waves have silver crowns
Souldiamonds to redeem
"I tell you thy gruesome legend of a long forgotten cosmic tribe,
that lived far beyond from all mortal poems.
Only gods had seen the sea of strongholds...
an endless wave with magic crowns...
stronger than a dream and higher than an angel could fly.
This tribe wove thousand horizons to drink that perfection.
Many leaves fell to the ground and many withered in thy flameless
frost. Some of them came back to burn their homes.
But one of them has sown a new tribe
Remind of snowfall summerdreams
Again they storm through unexplored extremes
Your crimson robe
Eclipsed by milk
Outstretched redeemer
Sunbed of silk
Strange sentiments
Unspoken spell of restless love
You've seen the snowfall summer
And meadows dressed in woven green
Strange bridal kiss
You've found the lake of twofold bliss
Magic curse and bloodstained wings
We've joined the tribe as godsend kings
Remind of snowfall summerdreams

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