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Oh Dear Beloved Marblequeen - text

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...and love remains a constant river
may sadness flee from stars delivered
the sunwheel burns in ancient grace
on marble stairs the soulspawn race...
Take this old rose and go to the stones
Where a twin-flower grows without love
I know of your leave you've spread on the ground
Let my sunbrother weave a flamedove
Shimmering nightfalls contain lunar blood
My halls are so barren and empty
I kneel on our hill while sunshine awakes but
no one to share the grandeur with me
Oh dear, oh dear
wail morningtear
Oh dear, my dear
moonqueen waits here
The presence of autumn allows me to dream
about silver-pearled breasts obscene
Imagine a goddess unbound to spacetime
would you taste the crestfallen wine
Look into thy springlit mirror
Do you see thine goldforged eyes
Save my orbit kiss ye wounds
Fairyland or flaming scythe
Summer's melting heart shines blue
Deepblue like a secret flower
Away, away with all thine sorrow
Labyrinth or cosmic tower
Diamond nails and autumnswords
Rainspeared symbols loose their tongues
Is there one beyond the line
who tells me where my soul belongs to
Bow to winter's crystal ocean
Count thy stars thine firmament
Arrows run through undressed visions
Godwinged bird or restless end
On marble stairs we float and dance without rings
Our wedding is eternal we don't need mortal strings
Love me like I love you and feed my starving flame
A serenade in minor could fill the empty frame

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