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I'm coming from beyond to get you
To control the movements and the sounds
Like suicidal I keep storming
Anyway I push you to the ground
Like a tornado I'm racing down from the dark this night
Keep moving forward, sink my claws into your flesh, you die!
We arrive, you cry in fear of this sadistic race
Blood and panic, death is near, now here comes the raptor
Hound you down is what we do, no kill's a big disgrace
Devil's eyes are watching you, the raptors are on the chase
We bring you napalm in the morning
Gonna hunt you down with our planes
We're dropping down the bombs of mayhem
Rocket power! Were the squad insane
Angels and demons, copters of steel, they are all my guard
Talons invading, rip off your skin, tearing guts apart
Mean machines are coming down, carnage is the law
Rotten limbs lie all around, now here comes the raptor
Smell the breath of my M.P., when I hit your face
Blood as far as you can see, the raptors are on the chase

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