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I could just reach out and touch your hair
Oh, but I wouldn't dare
Lean and whisper that I care
Oh, but I wouldn't dare
That would only break the spell
And I have learnt to love so well
And it wouldn't be fair
So I wouldn't dare
Oh I could see us as a pair
But I would'nt dare
We could have a sweet affair
But I wouldn't dare
No I 'll be happy just to dance
With this illusion of romance
That I never will share
'cause I wouldn't dare
In these circumstances
A heart that takes chances
Has only itself to blame
And it would be tragic
If I lost this magic
And didn't feel the same, oh
Oh, I could sit and I could stare
Hummmm, but I would'nt dare
Imagining the when and where
Hummm but I would'nt dare
For if you were to turn away
Because of things that I might say
I just couldn't bear
So I wouldn't dare
That wouldn't be fair
So I wouldn't dare I wouldn't dare

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