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When the Drums of War Will Sound - text


Soul that´s kneeling on icy ground,
where the air meets the scent of steel.
She´s guessing where´s the hidden bound,
between her death and skill to feel.
Force of raiders is coming forth,
hear the massive blast of hoofs
search battlefield in the way of ancient lore
one half to the wood and the rest to the grassland.
For now – Hit the drums of war!
Deadly wind whispers in your brain,
space around is still virgin and the calm.
Now look into the eyes of tyrant
we´ll be save when the sun will touch the horizon.
Last crimson ray will cut the grass
and it will dissapear to nothing in the forest.
Last image transforms into killing desire,
remains just the only wish – to stay alive!!
Crush! Blasting wings of light and dark!
Living ones are shivering in the horror.
Man by man is...entering the Charon´s bark,
in death all serviced by bone sailor...!
In the land of endless dusk,
sea is red and sky still flaming,
there is no believe and there´s no trust,
Rest In Peace, you dead but standing...

Text přidala Daks

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