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She Was the Water - text


Falling over rocks, sounds between the stones...
hungry power, smoothes the bottom of the rivers bed
opens arms, embrace young headwaters
II: there is not such power :II3x on lone blue planet.
Artery of the life, thirsty for the speed
running down the mountains,
from the deep of the rock
fills up the soil, bones of the earth
about the ancient times, silently she spoke.
Those, who can resist, are allowed to drink... on their
You, who can resist, it´s allowed to drink... on your
Shiny lawn in the forrest deep as the sea
sun is reflecting, peace rules this place.
Woodland creatures,
will-o´-the wispes and the nymphs
in stilly flow they are coming, preparing the bath...
Ethereal bodies, vestured into flowers,
flaming through the life in the restless dream
from the spiders´ webs they are collecting the dew
they are preparing the gathering, awaiting the dark.
While the man is standing, dazed in restless dream
woundable creature, dressed into sky of the day
silently he´s shivering, not because of the fear
his nomadic soul desires for the wilderness.
Pain, doom, wide pale sky and sprying river
bank of the stream hails the return of the spring
queen of waters uncloaks cold blue skin
with the purling heals your life

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