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Moon, forest, blinding snow,
my ancestors call me back home!
Don´t ask me, who leads my steps.
What made me follow this path.
The thing I feel is older than any words.
How can you dare to stop me now... please, don´t...I must go!!!
Strange, moon shines slightly, just as little as clouds allow.
May inner enlightment give me a sight of the day´s clarity.
Frost shivers my shoeless feet and tempts me to dance...
...the timeless dance with eternity!
The last time, I'm looking back with tearless regards,
well...I used to love it there.
Last rememberance in a mind washed off pain and scars,
well...I used to suffer there!
Strange, suddenly I understand, all the tones and words whispered to
a breathtaking song of divine unity!
Frost shivers my shoeless feet and tempts me to dance...
...the endless dance with eternity!
You may have used to know me, sorry if I´ll be missed...
but the feeling inside is a law!
I must keep on this path despite only guessing its goal,
sorry my friends, I must go...!
Moon, forest, blinding snow
My ancestors call me back home

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