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Flaming forests, set on fire
Dreaming mind will fall, lost,
Hidden in this cruel cold cave
Under eternal rule of frost

Above our surface they bleed under the noon sun
Prisoner forever, burning flesh cursed by no one
Shadow of the grave, being once under the noon sun
Entrapped in narrow cave, wild mind cursed by no one

History saw him hunting beasts
Deep in wild forests of countryside
Escaped from the known world
Searching the knowledge and then something died

Malice and cruel thoughts
Finding wisdom of ancient times
Natural powers returned to him
All-killing wrath under the ground

Struggled mind, closed into stone
Soon will be blind though he'll see
There can be found a mirror of the soul
The crash can revive life, and the dead can feel

Flaming forests, screaming beast
Guilt of the one has set them on fire
Flaming forest, earthly breast
Terrestrial fate, done and deceased

Beware the nature's wrath
Pray for the cautious sign

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