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Deceased under the Splendour of Stars - text


They are riding the night, one is black and other
shines white,
Horses, who are carrying two young, yet innocent
Čech! Meduna! He is the man and she follows gods,
children of fortune, born in the name of forgotten
Heavy and rusty run under bright cold shining stars,
wedding with no sun, in the night silence rules to us…
Moon is whispering: „Tonight they will die!“
... frozen orb of hidden wishes!
Throned by Perun and ruled by Chors´s might,
he is the guide of hidden treasures.
Throned by Perun and ruled by Chors´s might!
They are looking too far, but can´t see death, by the
icy river,
masked in the black – Morana! For living ones she is
god to shiver..
She´s been sent by order of ancient times,
Quest´s been set to take them away..
To the green land, land of living gods,
to the place where no one knows pain.
Cold air brings call of pain, fallen bodies are falling
down to snow…
somewhere in fatherland... they know, tonight they
will die…
Standing in front of the gate..they at once don´t feel
Set in the fear, their hearts like the thunder…the
thunder will pound….
Hand in hand enter to eternal dwell,
peace over the land hides the voice, dancing in
mourning chests…

Text přidala Daks

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