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Beneath the Gate of Sempiternal Bliss - text


Morana, guide of all...
guide of all the gone ones...
One step closer to the bloody-fall
she every new day stands.
Enchantress! As rising,
in the grey fog of the bones,
cast ancient spell of foreverness
wields key in palm, turnkey princess!
Čech, Meduna:
„We can see.. dreamlike land
of our forefather´s dreams!
We can smell flowering meadows,
sound of the purling creeks!“
„Follow my steps,
Watch my fleshless lips
Listen to my words,
fly in my deadly wind…“
„Insecurity, dying hope…
dark eternity, there we stop.
II: Land in the paradise gate,
this is my hand, holding your fate.“ :II 2x
Čech, Meduna:
There are no clouds,
beneath the ever-blue sky..
Eternal land shining bow,
is smoothing the skin of the ground.
„Ssss….come and watch, step by step,
respect predominant sacred peace...
beware the effect of the evil stain..
´Pageant of gods´ soon you will see..
Upon the hill in the heaven stand,
feel free to congnize heathenish calm...
this is the rule and you´ve been sent
to the home of your ancestral elders!“

Text přidala Daks

Video přidal Metalizer123

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