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Nephilim - text


Have you heard of ancient days
The mystery of a mighty race
Giants dwelt upon the earth
Lawless and obscene

The kindred
Men of great renown
Dark and grim
Spawn of fallen angels

The sons of God
Inflamed by lust and unnatural temptation
Legend has it Semjâzâ was the leader of the cursed

On human flesh fell their eyes
Lustful eyes
They viewed in great despise
Their own inhabitation

In their pride they bent the laws of all creation
Behold the scriptures state
These Angels still await the judgement of their God

Behold mystery
Behold mythology

O Raphael bind Azazel
O Gabriel proceed against the bastards

Far below the foundations of existence
In eternal chains they dwell
Angels await the fire
Rebels await the fire

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